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Cross hands 2

Tai Chi Chuan

3D Postures

These are CGI 3D video clips to help the understanding of posture structure and body alignment.

(Click on the name inside the frame to view larger size on YouTube)
Each posture is shown using exactly the same model.
Notice how a change of viewpoint can seem to alter the structure and position of limbs.
This proves how observation from a single viewpoint in class can create an 'optical illusion'
and consequent misunderstanding of a posture.

taijiquan 1
taijiquan 1

Holding The Ball

Ward Off

taijiquan 1
taijiquan 1

White Crane Spreads Wings

Repulse Monkey

Strum The Lute

taijiquan 1
taijiquan 1

Hands Like Clouds

Single Whip