Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva is a transcendent determine who synthesizes Western and Hawaiian healing modalities into a single holistic toolbox. Kumu Silva discovered the arts of lomi-lomi massage and the use of indigenous vegetation for medications from his elders on the Large Island of Hawai’i. He also researched chiropractic, acupuncture, biomedical worry stage remedy, chi gong and tai chi. He offers lectures on the issue of integrated healing at the college or university degree in Hawaii and California. He also presents official teaching in the area of therapeutic massage and delivers therapeutic excursions on the Big Island.

Born with a present of therapeutic he feels he bears the responsibility to enable others. Men and women arrive to him with severe problem and it is his career to discern the root of the trouble. This could be religious, physical, and emotional. The moment the dilemma is discovered he establishes the proper modality to treat the client

In my research for my post Therapeutic Hawaiian Getaway I experienced the intense pleasure of interviewing Kumu Silva on his home turf in Hilo. He asked for we meet at Coconut Island where by we sat on a wall overlooking azure water ruffled by a cooling sea breeze.

LB: You say you come from electricity of the place. Can you grow on that for me?

KDS: Serious estate folks have a phrase place, place, location. This may well be the wisdom of their indigenous roots talking. A place of therapeutic is a specific area. This Island, Coconut Island (Moku Ola) is a “position of refuge” exactly where spiritual therapeutic and other forms of therapeutic took spot. The ancients chose this spot for a reason. It truly is since this spot has much more mana. So we are wanting for places with mana, or non secular electric power to activate the therapeutic course of action. If we chose a put that has no mana, then there is no help from mother nature. We are doing work versus the move.

LB: What points do you do to stimulate this guidance from mother nature?

KDS: In a put like this do need to do a great deal. The major thing is to not convey negative strength to the put. Of class, when folks arrive to this area for therapeutic their ideas, energies, and their bodies are not in harmony with mother nature or other people today. They commence a course of action of reorganizing and reordering their feelings and their thoughts.

LB: Appears to me like what the Navajo people today try for the condition of Hozho. Are you common? It is the condition of remaining in harmony, with nature, family members and culture?

KDS: Really don’t know enough about it to agree or disagree. There are also numerous components that may perhaps be present for me to say. We see that indigenous Native Individuals and indigenous Polynesians share lots of matters. That is not a mystery and that is normally a wonderful discovery we make as we appear collectively as cultures.

LB: Do you travel about conversing to other native peoples?

KDS: Yes, I do and I persuade them to occur listed here. I went to Canada 2 times past yr to talk to First Country Peoples.

LB: I am from Southeast Alaska exactly where the Tlingit Indians are indigenous. I do see commonalities, primarily the plan of staying related to the land. That brings me to your mother nature walks. What do you do when you consider people today on a therapeutic tour?.

KDS: Just about every system is different and we change our system appropriately. In standard, what we come across is that people today appear to us with recollections of ache, and inner thoughts of separation and helplessness about the long run. We take individuals recollections and release them into the environment. We invite the ancestral spirits with prayers and chants and supply them presents to take in the discomfort.

LB: The setting can deal with it?

KDS: Sure, the atmosphere can cope with it, and this is a single of the environments right in this article that we arrive to. You go to the fuel station you get gas. You have to go to a spot in character that has the exact resonance and attunement for your perform. This is a put of therapeutic. Ancients found it so we can instantly arrive below and use it for the exact same goal.

LB: Do you imagine that the ancestors are right here to assist in this healing course of action.?

KDS: They are not sitting down close to ready for you, but you can contact them. Aspect of the ceremony and course of action are chants that invite the ancestors. Ancestors obtain their gifts in trade for advice and their presence

LB: I understand that hula is a sort of meditation to pull mana. Do you do hula? Do you do it in a prayerful way?

KDS: I was a pupil of hula when I was a youthful man. But, I also follow Hawaiian martial arts and therapeutic arts and the martial arts explain my life time and my job at this time. Hula and martial arts are all aspect of the very same spouse and children. The dances we get pleasure from these days with gorgeous women coated with bouquets are all portion of a custom of sacred tactics.

LB: In tai chi there are selected movements to manipulate the power. How is it different?

KDS: In tai chi there are 3 points of strength. One particular is known as “ching” which is centered all over the reproductive organs. The second sort is named “chi” which is positioned in the vicinity of the coronary heart that is worried with food stuff and air. Ching becomes chi when you are able to choose the chi and increase it in volume you produce one thing else that is additional refined. Which is identified as “shen” or spirit. When we discuss about power we need to know what sort of strength. The strength we put into our automobile? The electrical power we put into our body? The Chinese ancients arrived up with a few distinctive varieties of power. Right here in Hawaii we speak about therapeutic electrical power, “Ola” or the lifestyle power. This island is identified as Moku Ola-Island of lifestyle and of therapeutic of electrical power.

LB: I do meditations. I do really feel extremely robust energy in close proximity to the ocean. The Islands have normally been a source of solace and sustenance for me. So, I think I sort of understand what you are declaring, despite the fact that I never know the prayers and refinement that you give.

KDS: Hawaiians discuss about HA. The breath that correspond to chi. Same form of strategy-energy of the breath the air. Mana is a larger type of energy?

LB: A better sort in that it is a extra spiritual refined energy?

KDS: Indeed. So below we have a spectrum of energy. It is like light-weight-the big difference amongst a stone and mild.

LB: Between program and delicate? You receive this energy? Do you direct this electrical power to people today by way of contact or just mentally?

KDS: We use prayer to assistance us information the power and we use touch. But, we don’t usually have to touch. We want to have a close relationship with the setting. Is it attainable to transform the clouds? Is it achievable to make it rain? Is it probable to make the waves go up or down? These are things that never concerned touching, but they do require manipulating energy to consequence in an outward improve.

When we are doing the job with a human touching them is a really straightforward way to transfer energy, but it does not modify their life style.

LB: You are the most properly revered and regarded lomi-lomi massage learn on the Big Island. Inform me much more about how you use the “Loving Contact” when you are performing with individuals

KDS: It is a privilege and a challenge. We are honored to be ready to touch individuals when we operate with them in their ambitions. But, it also consists of a huge obligation to educate the affected person and guide them toward a healing lifestyle.

LB: You have workshops in Puna? What sorts of things do you do? What should people today method you for? What do want people today to know that you do for them?

KDS: The desires of people today are extremely distinct. They are physical, psychological, psychological and religious. We are proficient in various modalities. We have a great deal of expertise in caring for people. If we are not able to find the capability in ourselves to treatment the affected individual we refer them to an individual else

LB: You council the person and then send them the suitable skilled?

KDS: My martial arts grasp instructed me he had mind tumor. He requested was there nearly anything I could supply him. I requested, “Have you witnessed any one.” Sure, I have noticed every person-chiropractor, acupuncturist, massage, clinical doctors and healers,” he explained.

He arrived to my class. I had the pupils assist me lomi-lomi him. He fell asleep. When he woke up he could communicate plainly, he could walk, he could see. These 3 matters have been impaired when he released himself. So, he explained to me “I truly feel fantastic. What do you propose?” I claimed, get in touch with the physician get some medical procedures and take away the tumor from your mind! He said, “Why do that when I can just come to you?” You’d be coming to me for the rest of your daily life. You have a tumor in your brain. Get it out!

He went he obtained it out. He is fantastic to now. I function with medical doctors, other healers, all distinct cultures to discover the distinct need for this man or woman. We are healers. We glimpse for the certain modality to use to address the person’s precise wants. Lomi-lomi is a various modality. In the western perspective it is therapeutic massage and system function. In the Hawaiian and Polynesian look at it is holistic.

LB: Ten a long time in the past, I was honored to obtain lomi-lomi from Margaret Maschedo’s niece. The thing that struck me, aside from the reality that it was deeply psychological experience, was that she commenced with a Christian blessing. The incorporation with Christianity with the conventional Hawaiian therapeutic massage sort of threw me. My question to you is how much are you motivated by Christianity? Do you incorporate the Christian blessing in your therapeutic?

KDS: I do not believe so. I will not intentionally invoke Jesus in my get the job done. I am properly trained as a kahuna. The Hawaiian kahuna is not a Christian missionary. That would be a Christian kahuna.

LB: There are individuals men and women who blend the cultures?

KDS: Of course, a lot of of them.

LB: So, are you a purist?

KDS: I assume traditionalist is far more ideal.

LB: You are a chiropractor-No?

KDS: Certainly, retired.

LB: Did you research on the mainland?

KDS: Both. Lomi-lomi has been about way longer than chiropractors. Lomi-lomi method features bone-environment.

LB: I browse that the ancients lomied-lomied the fingers of infants to make the tapered antennas for mana. Also, the forehead was slanted back again for a regal profile?
Is that real?

KDS: When I was younger my grandmother massaged my brow. I do it with children as nicely.

LB: What is the function of this?

KDS: Simply because persons, like myself, when they are rising, aspect of our skull grows really quick. It is to accommodate the expansion of our mind. Also it is to beautify the particular person.

This variety of therapeutic massage is distinct than the style employed in healing. For illustration when my son was born my wife questioned me to lomi him to boost the adaptability of his joints. So, other mommies have appear to me for that as very well. Performing with kids to make them a lot more flexible is just one of the targets. If you have somebody who comes from a spouse and children exactly where they may have some spinal issues the small children will be massaged as a treatment to discourage all those complications.

LB Do you use the pebble outline of a person’s human body that I’ve study about to divine the supply of the issue?

KDS: Those people pebbles are employed to educate men and women. Nowadays we have additional capabilities than just stones. We have guides, net anything

LB: Do you use the native vegetation in your healings?

KDS: Yes. These medications can enable help save lives, and save limbs.

LB: Do you use the common treatment the sea drinking water cleanse supplied at Margaret Maschedo’s retreat?

KDS: I work with men and women with diabetes, cancer, all kinds of complications. There are lots of varieties of cleansing. Sea drinking water is the most straightforward, lowest priced, swiftest, but it does not clean up out the liver, it cleans out the colon. If you have an individual who requires to clear out their liver, or their pancreas, or their kidneys sea drinking water would possibly not be the finest for them. I have a group of learners proper now who started off with me constipated, by day 3 none of them were being constipated. Teach them how to mix the salt water, massage their tummies and give them actual physical actions to do just about every working day. It is a holistic technique.

In western comprehending well being care will come from the chiropractor, the medical doctors, the pharmacist, but in cultures like ours one man or woman does several factors and the employ numerous various modalities. The use of salt water is like brushing your enamel it is not a big deal. 10 times is just the commencing. Make it aspect of your way of life. That implies when you go to the newborn luau you have 1 serving.

Sea H2o has 3.5 grams of salt…we dilute it so that it is about 1 gram of salt. You make it to the salinity of blood. Blood is.9 grams of salt. Sea drinking water is alkaline ph 8. Our blood is ph 7.35. We get sick when our blood will get to acidic. Far too much acid in your entire body brings about weak spot and pain. Cancer is inflammation. Irritation triggers mutations in the cell. This generates lousy points-waste items, ache and condition

LB: You are really slender are you vegetarian?

KDS: No. I am “quantitarian.” You can have a flavor of everything, just do not consume much too a lot!

LB: Do you do your therapy in the Ahalanui Sizzling Ponds in Puna?

KDS: Indeed, I worked on 3 individuals there yesterday

LB: What does “Huna”- the magic formula – signify to you?

KDS: Really don’t assume of the phrase Huna. Imagine of get the job done kahuna. Huna is a selection of strategies feelings and tactics handed down by the kahuna. A kahuna is someone who is able of carrying out factors that other individuals are unable to. I was raised that there was to be no babbling of insider secrets. The ancients could not uncover anyone of adequate character to be worthy of their secrets.

LB: What happened to the secrets?

KDS: They took them with them to the other side.

LB: Thank you Kumu Dane Silva

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